Submitting an Expedite Request with the USCIS

You must first request expedited processing from USCIS. Before you do so, it is very important to review the criteria outlined in the USCIS Policy Manual. Not every circumstance that fits under one of the USCIS expedite criteria categories results in expedited processing. For example, if you request expedited processing for an application for employment authorization or student status, USCIS has stated it is not enough that you lost your job. You must provide evidence of other compelling factors that call for expedited treatment.

USCIS does not offer expedited processing for deferred action requests, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). For more information about requests for consideration of DACA, please visit USCIS’ Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) page.

The USCIS Ombudsman office cannot grant an expedite request and cannot submit the request to USCIS for you. However, if USCIS did not request supporting documentation from you before it issued a decision on your expedite request, we may be able to share your documentation with USCIS and ask that USCIS reconsider after reviewing the supporting documentation. To get Ombudsman Office help, you must complete the DHS Form 7001 and include the following:

  • A description of how you meet USCIS’ expedite criteria, 
  • The date you submitted the expedite request, 
  • The USCIS service inquiry confirmation number (also known as SRMT number), and
  • Copies of your documentation to support your expedite request. 

Please note that the Ombudsman Office cannot overturn an expedite request that USCIS has denied.